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Phu Vinh Industrial Zone
Posted on: 6/5/2015 - Viewed: 1905

Phu Vinh Infrastructure construction Investment  Limited Company is  100% owned by Taiwan and granted  Phu Vinh industrial zone infrastructure investment certificates  by Economic Zone Management Board of Ha Tinh province with an area of 200 ha (Stage I). This industrial zone is invested synchronous and first modern infrastructure in Vung Ang Economic Zone in the form of socialization, aiming to meet the needs of leasing land to build factory of the projects to the Vung Ang Economic Zone. Phu Vinh Industrial Zone with a total area of 200 ha, located on the 1B National Road through Vung Ang Economic Zone of Ky Long- Ky Lien- Ky Phuong commune.

    Geographical location of Phu Vinh Industrial Zone:

- Road: next to the road and directly connection to National road No.1B passing Vung Ang Economic Zone. From here you can move easily to different regions of the country through the National road No. 1A, Ho Chi Minh Trail. Via National road No. 12A, National road No.8A connected to Cha Lo border gate, Cau Treo international border gate to Laos and Thailand.

- Waterways: Phu Vinh Industrial Zone is less than 7 km from Son Duong-Vung Ang sea port. This is a deep-water port that can receive ships from 5-30 thousand tons. From Vung Ang- Son Duong port cluster. We can export goods, equipments and import materials easily.

- Airway: Phu Vinh Industrial zone is located on National road No. 1A traffic axis, 120 km from Airport Vinh and 70 km from Dong Hoi Airport.

     Planning Phu Vinh Industrial Zone:

Phu Vinh Industrial Zone is leased by investors of the State with a period of 50-year, the investor has invested in infrastructure, integrated engineering, power supply system, water supply, internet, sewerage system along the traffic roads in the industrial zone.

-Transportation system in the industrial zone has been planned and designed in the form of along coffer of the land lot to ensure favorable transportation in the whole industrial zone. Road system is designed in the following:

+Industrial zone Center road axis: the width about 45.5 meters

+ Axis branch roads in industrial zone: the width about 11,25meters.

The internal roads are designed and constructed strictly with the construction standards of the State, while the route is also equipped with electric lighting system as well as signal panels, ensuring the safety and beauty.

Phu Vinh Industrial Zone is designed and invested centralized sewage processing zone in the north of the industrial zone with the capacity 5.000-15.000m3 / day and sewage of Phu Vinh Industrial Zone.

The factories in Phu Vinh Industrial Zone only need reach B type standard about sewage then escape to sewage processing zone of Phu Vinh Industrial Zone.

Manufacturing electrical systems in Phu Vinh Industrial Zone are connected directly to the 220kV line that runs along 1B National and ensure safe power source for production of the projects in Phu Vinh Industrial Zone.

Water for production of Phu Vinh IZ is taken from Vung Ang water factory that can provide 24 / 24h for factories. Phu Vinh Industrial Zone will invest to build water pipe following the traffic roads in the Industrial zone. When we connect the water pine to this system we can use water for manufacture.

      The sectors are calling investment to Phu Vinh Industrial Zone:

+ Manufacturing and processing iron and steel products: hot rolled, steel, stainless steel, bar steel, round steel and special metal.

+ Electromechanical sector: electronics; appliances electricity; industry, household, information, technology, communication and telecommunication electricity.

+Mechanical manufacturing sector: production; components manufacture; accessories for vehicle and motor; manufacturing and repairing agricultural mechanics, family yacht and equipments for mining.

+ Building materials sector: concrete, cement, refractory and bare manufacture.

+ Other sectors: home decoration, furniture, wardrobes, beds, toys, plastic items, rubber tires, medical, optical, animal feed, industrial gases, pottery, recycling waste, ... fiber, garments woven, leather, dyeing, printing flower.

Phu Vinh Industrial Zone is committed to provide assurance infrastructure and services to business and production activities of investment projects and Phu Vinh Industrial Zone. Phu Vinh Infrastructure construction Investment Limited Company will assist investors and enterprises about carrying out legal procedures prescribed by the laws of Vietnam for investment licensing.

The investment projects in Phu Vinh will be enjoyed all the investment incentives as other projects Vung Ang Economic Zone. In contrast, investors will be handed over the land, premises after signing the contract leasing land to build factories  and works as soon as licensed without waiting time clearance, compensation and clearance payment.

  Planning Phu Vinh Industrial Zone (stage I) was approved by Management Board of Ha Tinh Economic Zone (attachment).

Focal calling, investment promotion in Phu Vinh Industrial Zone:

1. Phu Vinh Infrastructure construction Investment Limited Company

Address: Investment Zone: Ky Long- Ky Lien- Ky Phuong belong to Vung Ang- Ha Tinh Economic Zone.

Phone number: 0393.722.578

Website: www.pvip.com.vn

2. Investment Promotion Division - Investment Promotion and manpower supplying Center of Ha Tinh Economic Zone

Address: Hung Hoa quarter- Ky Anh town- Ha Tinh city.

Phone number: 0393.868.939 or 0915.747.838.

E-mail: ipc.hatinhez@gmail.com

 According to Viet Cuong

Translator: Thanh Men


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Vung Ang Economic Zone was established by according to the Decision No. 72/2006/QD-TTg, dated April 3rd 2006 by the Prime Minister in a total area of 22,781. The development objective of the Vung Ang Economic Zone has been identified as :Building and developing Vung Ang EZ to become integrated, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary with the main point: develop metallurgical industries associated with advantages of resources, material resources; the industries associated with the operation of seaports, steel industry, thermal center and petrochemical
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